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Featuring Their Debut CD
Ten Songs From Northern Colorado's Newest Original Indie Music Project

Update - Native Son is proud and humbled to announce that "Wide Awake And Dreamin" entered the "" Indie Music Website's Colorado Top 10 list at #1 on Monday Aug.30th. Please help us out by going to, select the tab "Top 10" then select "Region" and then select "Colorado" to listen to Wide Awake And Dreamin. Thanks for your support



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Listen to   "Stones In The Pathway"
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 Drummer/Percussionist and Recording Engineer/Producer Ernie (Mr. E - The Mystery) Mose shows us his Native American "last face you'll ever see alive" look
after we surprized him by discovering his "juke-box virtual drummer" invention.
 During one of FoneeBelowKnee's most recent gigs, bassist cragermac sing's his appreciatory homage to bandmate guitarist Alex Otero..... a parody version of The Rolling Stone's "Angie".   "Ahem............ mi, mi, mi, mi, mi..............Alex,.............. Aaaal-lex,.............. when will you be our lead guitaaaaaarrrrrrr plaaaaaayeeeeeer".  Largely due to the incompitence of local paparazzi but delivered as promised, here is the long awaited, highly anticipated, fully authenticated pic of Bassist and Recording Engineer/Producer James "Jimmyjammer" Balin

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