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Update - Native Son is proud and humbled to announce that "Wide Awake And Dreamin" entered the "" Indie Music Website's Colorado Top 10 list at #1 on Monday Aug.30th. Please help us out by going to, select the tab "Top 10" then select "Region" and then select "Colorado" to listen to Wide Awake And Dreamin. Thanks for your support


Native Son Project Bios:
The Low Down, The Dirt, The Blah Blah Blah

Project Birth
(1 year to make a cd?!? This better be good)

Project Core 3
* bassist ~ James Balin *
* drummer/percussionist ~ Ernie Mose *
* guitarist/vocalist/songwriter ~ cragermac *
(Who??? Never heard of 'em)

Project Location
The Luxurious State of the Art $3million Airestream Studio located in beautifull Cache le Poudre Canyon, just 23 miles west of Ft. Collins, Colorado in the majestic Rocky Mountains.....huh?.....what?!? Oh, alright.....
Greeley, Colorado in bass player/recording and production engineer James Balin's downstairs family room.
(Oh Great!!! The one viewer we've had is leaving....happy now?)

Project Equiptment
-James Balin's home computer using the ever popular Cakewalk and Windows XP software for recording
-Ernie Mose's laptop using Cool Edit software for the post production mixing
-cragermac's pages and pages of random babbling notebook scribbles
-and somewhere around 50 cases of Bud Light Beer.
(Lousy drunk musicians...should've let me go with the high dollar studio angle)

Project Guest Musicians
  • Alex Otero from FoneeBelowKnee- lead guitar on ~ Wide Awake And Dreaming ~ Questions
  • Jimmy Du Prie from The Termites - lead guitar on ~ St. Valentine's Day Blues
  • Dave McKenzie from Left Of Center - lead guitar on ~ Out Here
  • Jym Britton from The Termites - lead vocals on ~ Sunshine Girl
  • David Hidalgo from Rasputin - keyboards on ~ Out Here ~ Questions ~ St. Valentines Day Blues ~ Sunshine Girl ~ Wide Awake And Dreamin ~ Three Virtues
  • Amy Dyer from Girls Kick Ass - backing vocals on ~ Out Here ~ Three Virtues

    (Finally, some actuall talent associated with this dillusional bunch of day dreamers)

    Project Future Plans
    A second cd featuring some of cragermac's more recent compositions as well as collective efforts from the core 3 members and a never before released song from Ernie Alex and crager's band FoneeBelowKnee.
    (How 'bout finishing this one first huh?....jeezsh!!!)

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